Modular Kitchen Designing

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of a house and it can really make or break the overall interior of your house. The kitchen should be well-thought and carefully designed to get the most out of it.

Quick Read : Modular Kitchen Designing

Designing a part of your house seems like an easy task at first but when you get into the details, you realize that it’s a really thorough job.

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of a house and it can really make or break the overall interior of your house. A kitchen should be well-thought and carefully designed to get the most out of it. There are a lot of factors that go into consideration while having a modular kitchen designing.

Hiring a professional for this job should be the way to go because renovating a part of your house can be an arduous task if you aren’t an expert.

Properly designing the kitchen is a must because one should strive to utilize the available space as well as possible without losing that visual appeal.

Why hiring a Designer is Important?

Designers are professionals that can bind creativity and functionality together due to the experience in Modular Kitchen Designing

Hiring a designer would help you plan a budget: It often happens that we end up spending a lot in the end than we initially planned to,so a professional will get the job done within your budget.

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Kitchen is the most critical part of your house & it needs to be planned & designed carefully to utilize its space fully & make it functional & aesthetically correct at the same time.

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There is a difference between decorating and designing. One can easily decorate their home according to their liking. The outcome may or may not be perfect but It does the job. But when you’re planning to renovate a part of your house, you will need to consider a lot of thing, even the windows and lighting. A designer is paid to do this job for you. A good designer would help you utilize the complete space of a room properly.

Same goes with the kitchen but here utlizing space is more important according to the functionality and required modular kitchen

Proper Selection of hardware, laminates, handles & their brands without assistance becomes difficult because of large variety of material availability & new launch every day.

  • A designer is aware of the latest trends in the market so you can trust them for your modular kitchen designing

Kitchen designers have been doing this job for a long time. A beginner will have to face a ton of difficulties while building/designing a kitchen. Getting a professional in the picture would help like crazy and make their job much easier.

  • Bringing a designer in the picture will not only bring in expertise but also a new set of eyes. Designers are professionals that have an eye for solving a problem creatively.
  • People often think that hiring a designer is an expensive deal and it would burn a hole in their pockets. Well, think again, we strive to provide you the best service at nominal prices.
Modular Kitchen Designing

We, at GM Furniture strive to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied by our designing. You just have to follow these simple steps to help our designers understand your requirements fpr Modular Kitchen and work accordingly-

1.Understanding the requirement
1.Understanding the requirement

Firstly, you’ll have to send us the dimensions of your kitchen (a hand-drawn floor plan will also work).You need to consider some points to understand the kitchen’s requirements - how is the kitchen going to be used, the size of the family, what’s the height of the family members that are going to use the kitchen, what kind of appliances do you need, what would be the colour scheme, what’s the budget, etc. You should ask yourself questions like – Does the living area needs to be incorporated? Do I need entertainment of any sort in the kitchen?

2. Choose a plan
2. Choose a plan

We offer different plans for kitchen designing in affordable prices. You can choose from different modes of payment. See the chart below.

Service Name


2D Design


2D + Normal 3D Design


2D + Photo Realistic 3D Design


Open Kitchen with Dining/Living Area


Budget Estimation


3. Questionarre Fill Up
3. Questionarre Fill Up

After the completion of the payment, our team will share a link to a Google Form that you’ll have to fill up. It includes basic questions that’ll help us better understand your requirements. If you have any special requirements, you can write to us at or WhatsApp us at

The Google form has basic questions like:

  • What’s the size of the family?
  • What’s the height of the family members that are going to use the kitchen?
  • What type of kitchen do you want (modular/semi-modular)?
  • The layout of the kitchen (windows, drainage, doors, etc.)
  • Hardware preference (types of cabinet and other building material)
  • Your budget
  • Any problem(s) you might be facing in your existing kitchen

4. 2D Visulaization
4. 2D Visulaization

Once we completely understand your kitchen requirements, we’ll prepare a 2D visualization for your kitchen. This will give you a top-view of the kitchen. It would include all the appliances as well (refrigerator, chimney, microwave, etc.). We can revise this if you change your mind about something.

Once tropical or bird eye view is finalized we process for 2D wall elevation in which dimensions of all the cabinet width, height & depth is mentioned for overhead and bottom cabinet. It will show all the dimensions required for carpenter or kitchen contractor or Kitchen Company to make furniture

5. Material & Colour selection (for 3D modelling)
5. Material & Colour selection (for 3D modelling)

You will have to tell us about the material that you’re planning to usewith the colour combination.
Details that we require –

  • The type of material that you’re using to build the kitchen platform (marble, granite, quartz, etc)
  • The material that you’ll use to build the wall cabinets (wood finish, color, texture, etc) Acrylic, Laminate or PU etc.
  • The type of handles that you’re using
  • A list of all the appliances – chimney, refrigerator, cooktop (company and model)


We will make a realistic 3D model after you send in the details.

6. 3D Model Preparation
6. 3D Model Preparation

Once we understand your needs and wants, our designers will prepare a photo-realistic 3D model of the kitchen. We can revise the 3D model if you want to make some changes.

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