Planet High Grade Stainless Steel Bin Holder/Dust Bin Holder/Modular Kitchen Fixture

Colour Silver
Brand Planet
Material Stainless Steel
Opening mechanism Open-Top
Item Weight 640 Grams


  • Material: High-Grade Stainless Steel, Color: Silver (Mirror Chrome Finish)
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Dust Bin Holder
  • Made from High-Grade Stainless Steel 5 mm wire with Nickel Chrome Plated. (Dia:10, H: 6)
  • Ideal for Dustbin holder and bucket holder for kitchen. Ideal for under kitchen Platform.
  • Unique in design to carry the maximum load.
  • You can use under the sink to hold the bin basket. This product can be installed almost anywhere and you can keep you bin basket above the ground, to allow proper cleaning.
  • Take the advantage of our space saver concept. Free Mounting Hardware.